I’m Claire, I’m a Confidence Coach, Intuitive & also trained in Reiki. I live with my family in Marlborough, Wiltshire. 

I help busy stressed out working Mums build self esteem & self confidence in all areas of their lives.  Helping them to let go of the overwhelm & guilt so they can truly align themselves with their work & their talents.  Life as a working Mum has many challenges, I really get it, I’m a Mum of 3 myself.  Often it can feel like such a juggle & quite often uncomfortable.

I am with you completely. 

I’ve been in business myself since 2009 so totally understand the curve balls & sometimes chaos it brings. 

I remember when I first stepped into business it was not easy, I went on a huge personal development journey to rediscover my identity, really finding myself again.  As well as having to regain my self confidence, increase self esteem, get clear with my boundaries, say No more, oh & self care was a really big one too. 

Who’d have thought you lose all of this when you become a Mum, stepping off the corporate ladder to do what is the most important job in the world?  It’s so real & such a common theme amongst working Mums. The work I do is helping you regain that alignment, get back in balance with you & help you receive what you deserve.  It’s so easy to fall out of balance when we try to cram so much into our days, with the  thinking that we need to work really hard to achieve more. 

Life can be so busy if we allow it. 

Do you feel like you are constantly rushing from one thing to another & hardly have a chance to catch your breath?  Or not feeling like you are not doing anything well?

I’ve been there too…

I call this “Superwoman” mode & it’s a behaviour I often see with working Mums, oh & I’ve behaved in this way over the years too.  We think we need to go at full speed to achieve more, though this is when overwhelm hits making us feel paralysed, this blocks us from be able to know what to do next.  Superwoman mode is unsustainable, as well as not healthy for us.  As women if we lead our lives in this way for too long it creates burnout & at this stage we really have to make a change quickly.  That’s how I can help you.

Do you ever notice yourself repeat the same patterns of behaviour in your life & work?  And feel really frustrated by this?  Or maybe you are not sure what’s going on but you know you’re not achieving the success you desire & you know you have more to give?  

It’s not easy to notice or see these patterns ourselves.  I help Mums gain awareness of these patterns which really can block us as well as observing any limiting beliefs & conditioning that could be getting in the way.  I help you reframe this, showing you how to interrupt patterns & beliefs so that you change the outcome & create ultimate fulfilment.

Einstein said the definition of insanity is “Doing the same thing over & over again & expecting different results.” 

Ready to put an end to that?  Hop on over here to hear what it’s like to work with me. 

Curious to connect?  How about scheduling a complimentary, no obligation discovery call with me?  Help you see what’s present & where the blocks are.  Drop me an email at claire@clairedore.com 

To your success, Claire x

P.S. photo credits to the fabulous Elizabeth Watts Photography.