I remember when I had our first child, Luca and I desperately wanted to stay at home and be there for him.  For me I felt a strong desire to care for my newborn and luckily was fortunate enough to have the choice, as my husband, John could support us.

I had previously worked in the media planning / advertising industry which I loved, having worked on some fantastic clients, with incredible leaders, made life long friends, been on lots of free holidays, lunched in the best London restaurants, built up some great skills and generally had a lot of fun!  All sounds great, hey?  However the flipside of that was the long hours, demanding clients, heavy workload, working under pressure and being forced to drink shots at lunchtime (not sustainable post 30!!).

So post baby, the industry really wasn’t a good fit… Also, I realised my priorities and passions had changed.

Have you realised that too since having children?

It wasn’t long before I was pregnant again with Franco, so going back to work really wasn’t an option at all…so I fully embraced motherhood and loved running (literally!!) around after our two boys.  At the time we lived in Queens park which was very sociable and we fully embraced family life.

And then before I knew it, we had another baby, a pink one this time, Florence, which made our family complete.  I felt very lucky to have both boys and girls and for them all to be so very healthy.  Though interestingly, I cannot tell you how much having 3 children under 4 years old suddenly changed everything….it was at that point in time, we decided it was time to leave our wonderful life in London and head out for more space…and excellent “free” schools, as that time was looming.

It took a year for it to finally happen and here we are in Wiltshire, now 7 years on and still adjusting!!

But in that time I realised I had completely ignored my own needs, as Claire, as me, I had become everything to everyone and had completely forgotten about myself….

Does that sound familiar? 

I hear so often how women feel like their choices have been taken away from them when they become a mum.  They feel bored and completely unfulfilled.  Having a purpose in life can feed your soul.  I hear from so many women that they want to do something but they have a lack of self esteem and also the job market deosn’t offer the flexibility they need, not taking into account school holidays, being able to have day off when their children are ill or having the opportunity to drop everything to watch sports day or the nativity.

Is this you?

Many women feel that having a sense of fulfillment and a purpose in life is essential.  I know I realised that myself.

6 years ago my sister, Katie Young, introduced me to a business opportunity which I could work around my kitchen table, I am so grateful to her for thinking of me.  It has a tremendously positive impact on my life.  It’s my own business with the 35 year old health and wellness company, Arbonne International, which is so intrinsically aligned with my passion for health and fitness.  I cannot tell you what a joy it brings to my life.  It makes me feel fulfilled as a person, it’s super sociable so I get to meet people I would never have met before from all walks of life, it’s also so much fun!   Because of it’s flexibility I have been able to build it around my family, enabling me to be present for our children but also helping me to explore my passions has been so rewarding. I know it will change our lives and help us achieve our dreams as a family, which is exciting for the future.  And the best part about this is a get to share and gift it to others.

Would you like a work life balance?  What are your passions?  What are your dreams for you and your family?

I help people work out what it is they would like to achieve in their lives and show them how to deliver it.  If you would like to book a complimentary 30 minute chat over coffee then please get in touch. Drop me an email here

Over to you.

All that’s missing is your thoughts and feedback…I would love to hear from you, so please leave a message.

All the best, Claire x

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