I find I can pretty much cope with anything if I have a decent nights’ sleep, would you agree?

Sleep is the number 1 thing in our lives that impacts our whole wellbeing & overall health.  When we have a lack of sleep it impacts our health, mood, energy, eating habits & mindset.  Personally when I don’t have enough, so for me that’s about 7 & 1/2 or 8 hours a night, I can feel short tempered, impatient, be drawn to “naughty foods” & generally feel like everything is a massive effort…& on top of that really not good company (which can to tricky in a family of 5!).  Also when training for a marathon it’s a vital part of training to ensure you grab as much sleep as possible, & by this I mean quality sleep.  So what do I mean by “quality

sleep”, I actually mean the number of 90 minute human sleep cycles.  This is the healthiest way to calculate your total sleep. Ideally the average human requires 5 sleep cycles per 24 hours, so it’s not necessarily about 5 per night, you may take a nap in the day to grab another sleep cycle.

When I think back to when my children were babies / toddlers, I really wonder how I coped with the night feeds & tending to cries of “Mummy” in the middle of the night.  Not ideal in trying to achieve your human sleep cycle at all.  Broken sleep is like torture, as a Mum there are times when you really have to dig deep & get on with it (so glad I had my children in my 30’s!).   Interestingly, despite being busy with 3 little ones, there were less distractions or time zappers, by that I mean social media, facebook launched in the UK in 2004 & became more popular in 2006, so wasn’t a major part of my mummy life plus it was very different then too.  Also mobiles were not as advanced, so you didn’t have the constant distractions there too.

Thinking about now & being a female entrepreneur running a business (& I’m still a Mum of course!), I know that my sleep can

female entrepreneur

massively impact the work I deliver, for me it is vital that I prioritise my sleep so that I have the energy to work at a level that I can truly impact other people’s lives.

If you are reading this & you too are a business owner who has a big desire to make an impact on the world, then sleep needs to be the number priority in order to deliver that.  Ensuring sleep is king helps you to stay focussed, avoid overwhelm, burnout, overeating, undercharging & unnecessary stress.  Lack of sleep can impact all of these areas.

Below are my 5 tips to a better nights’ sleep:

  1. Get to bed before 12am!

    According to Time magazine, “every hour of sleep before midnight is worth two after midnight.”  Get your body into a brilliant routine & get yourself in bed earlier to benefit from these hours before 12am.

  2. Get off your phone or laptop 1 hour before you go to bed.

    Blue light triggers serotonin which make us awake, to create melatonin (which helps you sleep) you need to avoid screens late at night as this can disrupt your sleep.  Nick Littlehales, the author of ‘The Myth of 8 Hours, the Power of Naps… and the New Plan to Recharge Your Body and Mind’ says, “If you’re going into the evening & constantly exposing yourself to artificial lights & tech that’s emitting blue light and you’re not having some sort of break from that, then you’re going to make it even more difficult to get to those deeper sleep stages.”  I find working late becomes unproductive when you are exhausted, so my advice is get to bed & get up earlier to complete the task.

  3. Have a nap in the day if your body needs it.

    napI love a cheeky nap in the afternoon!  This serves me so well.  Even better if you can grab a 90 minute sleep cycle.  Napping however short can have a really positive impact on our productivity, clarity & focus.  Also if you are not getting your 5 sleep cycles per night then a nap may serve you really well.  The timing of that is key, as not to impact your night, & that’s something you’d need to test out.  I personally find a nap at 2pm is the perfect time for me.

  4. Avoid caffeine past 12pm.

    Stimulants can play a big part in disturbing sleep & the quality of your sleep.  Personally I have very little caffeine, so it doesn’t impact my sleep.  A few years back though my rule for myself was not to drink caffeine past 12pm.  Everyone is different of course, but this is what has worked for me.  Even if you sleep well, it may be impacting the quality.

  5. Exercise daily.Your body needs to workout.  Vigorous exercise is best, but even light exercise is better than nothing. Personally I prefer to exercise in the morning, when I have the most energy, but see what suits you…just make sure it’s not too late & has a stimulating effect!

Hope that helps…do let me know by sharing your comments below on what works for you.  Having just returned from Sedona, Arizona, I can highly recommend going to be for 12 hours to catch up & avoid jet lag! Ha!

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