letting goI think 1 of my biggest passions is to travel, & going to Sedona, Arizona last week did not disappoint.

It truly is unique, surrounded by breathtaking red rocks (you have to see them to believe the power & scale of these mountainous mounds).  I was fascinated by the history of the place & the fact it’s one of the energy centres of the world!  The energy is really powerful & magnetic as ley lines cross right in Sedona, this creates vortexes of energy which can really heal as well as impact your own energy.  I hired a guide to take me to the best spots to really feel this, she was amazing & lead a mediation at 1 of the main vortexes, I actually didn’t want it to stop!

I was actually there on a retreat, what a perfect place to be!  To sum it up in 3 words – unique, exquisite & powerful.  It was 1 of the 4 retreats in the global mastermind programme I’m participating in.  I am blown away each time, by how powerful & uplifting it can be to spend 3 intensive days with a group of amazing business owners in a retreat setting.

So why is it so powerful?

Well, stuff comes up, you know stuff that you have been hiding or suppressing for years.  And because you are effectively in a 3 day coaching session you have to take a look at what comes up, why & really dive down, see where it came from, & whether you need to carry that “bag” anymore…get what I mean?  You see so often we carry this stuff or hold onto these patterns of behaviour or false beliefs which really do not serve us.   Quite often they are protecting us in some way or keeping us safe.  Well guess what letting go of this is truly empowering, uplifting & quite frankly necessary to be more of ourselves.

Here’s the thing though, sometimes we’ve been carrying this stuff around for years & we’ve got used to being that way (& so has everyone else for that matter!), but it’s not really us & it’s not being authentic.

Dropping the “bags” & letting go of those old patterns that no longer serve us is vital for growth & increased success in our business & life.  Guess what though most often we are unaware of the fact we are carrying this stuff.  That’s the power of a 3 day coaching retreat, we are exposed to what’s going on, & it’s time to take a proper look.

So what is the impact of letting go?  

Well it’s different for everyone, for me I feel there’s definitely a sense of enlightenment, feeling more relaxed, lighter & instant happiness (apparently I was beaming after a very powerful exercise we performed on the last day).

And then you go back out into the world, you are more of you, which feels so good, impacts our relationships, connections & of course business!  Yay!  I cannot wait for what the future holds 🙂

It wasn’t just about dropping “bags” in Sedona, we experienced so much more on the retreat fShinerom glass making, to wine tasting & dining at the stunning Mariposa restaurant.  A must visit if you go to Sedona, the views were breathtaking & the food was incredible too.  Luckily, Pilisa who was also on the retreat lives in Sedona, so was able to help guide us to the best places & also let us have a play in her studio, she’s a very talented glass artist. We were asked to think of a word that would represent our intention for ourselves for the year, & then we created it out of glass which was so much fun! My intention is to Shine….  Here’s me in creative flow!

SedonaThere’s more to share & I’m sure it will come out over next few blogs…leaving you today with one of my favourite photos from my morning run in Sedona.   Not sure you’d ever tire of this view.

Finally, on the note of letting go…if you’d like some help getting aware of what might be holding you back, I’d love to help, drop me an email to book a complimentary 45 minute breakthrough call.  Please do share your comments below, all that is missing is your voice & I’d absolutely love to hear your experiences.

Big hugs,

Claire x

What’s Claire up to over the next few weeks?

23rd April – Running London Marathon for an amazing cause, Children with Cancer UK  – you can donate by clicking on this link – http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/ClaireDore – Oh hell it’s here!  Lets’ go go go!

27th April – 10am – 11.30am – Enterprise Nation Small business meet up – Bristol.

4th May – 7.30am – 9am – Business Village networking group – I’m speaking on ‘Authenticity in business’.

9th May – 9.30am – 2.30pm – Next workshop for female entrepreneurs – interested? Email for details.

11th May – 12.30pm – 5pm – A celebration of Women in Business – Royal Windsor racecourse.