These make me smile so much…

“After nearly a year away from corporate life, focusing on our house renovation project and the children, it was time to kick-start my life planning and next career move. Although I have had a coach in the past, provided by employers, I had always been sceptical of an independent life coach, mainly because I thought life planning was common-sense and something that I could do by myself. What became apparent during my sessions with Claire is that whilst my thoughts still hold true, the much-needed catalysts, timings and ideas exchange only happen when you involve someone else who has the time, motivation and experience to support your journey.”

“Claire was a great listener and provided relevant suggestions during our sessions. She also provided those necessary ‘pushes’ to try new tactics and direction. I am still planning my next career move but now have more clarity and I’m so much further along than I was.”

“I would gladly recommend Claire as a life coach – she is authentic, dedicated and challenging!” Jill, Corporate Marketing, Mum of 2.

“I had been very sceptical of coaching in the past, but that was when I was employed and I didn’t really understand the whole concept. Fast forward a few years, I’m a stay-at home, feeling a bit lost, with no real direction, although very much wanting one, and struggling to find myself in the chaos of life. I knew something had to change.  Meeting Claire and making the conscious decision to have regular 1 to 1 coaching meetings I have to say has been one of the best decisions ever.  I instantly felt a connection with Claire, making the whole process that much easier and enjoyable. Claire is naturally gifted at bringing the best version of you to the fore. Working on mind-set, self-confidence, setting intentions, and goal-setting, it was everything I needed to help me discover my true self.  Claire encouraged me to journal about many of the issues we discussed, and from this I discovered the joy of writing again. So much so that I now blog regularly and have created a business writing for other small business owners.  I approached Claire for coaching initially to help me to discover me again, but I can wholeheartedly say the process and the experience has meant and created so much more.   I am living every day being truly me, I have discovered my true strengths, and respond to life with a more positive outlook now. I am excited for the future, and grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Claire.” Charlotte Riley, Blogger & Creative Writer at Being Truly Me, Mum of 1.

“So I started the meeting with my boss saying that I’ve decided that my goal for the next few years is to earn enough to send my kids to private school so that means doubling my salary.  His answer was “well to do that you need to make partner” and we spent an hour talking about my route to partner and how to get there in 3 years (when my daughter would be starting secondary school).  I never would have had that conversation without your encouragement so thank you, thank you, thank you.” – Libby, Corporate Accountant & Mum of 2.

“Claire is my first official career coach and I’m pleased to say she’s helped me to reach new levels in gaining new levels of confidence required to set up my own organic skincare label / lifestyle brand. She’s helped me to stay focused on the ‘one thing’ that matters most to get things happening! Having sessions with Claire at regular intervals has really kept me focused on making this a reality. I can highly recommend Claire from my personal experience – she has a warm, fun and authentic approach. Thanks Claire, you’ve really helped me to turn a corner with this!” – Nina Flowers, Entrepreneur.

“As a female entrepreneur, I have come to realise that one of the biggest barriers to success is my inner critic – that little gremlin sitting on my shoulder whispering in my ear “you can’t…you won’t…you don’t…” There is no doubt that my own gremlin is particularly well-fed, after several years out of corporate life raising a family drained my sense of identity and self-confidence.  So I was naturally drawn to Claire’s “mindset for success” workshop, where a group of like-minded women could explore the issues of mindset. We learned that the subconscious mind is incredibly powerful, controlling 96% of our behaviour.  To compound things, the mind then collects evidence to support our beliefs.  The narrative, good or bad, that we create in our head becomes reality. Just think about that for a moment. It’s incredibly powerful stuff.  This workshop gave me a simple but effective set of tools for keeping my inner critic in check. I  learned how to catch myself when I start creating negative stories in my head – and how to break free from this self-sabotaging behaviour.  Anyone who has suffered those niggling moments of self-doubt will benefit from this workshop. For me personally, it was the most enlightening session of the day”. – Rachel Herring, Female entrepreneur, Mum of 2.

“Claire took me on a journey across the broader questions of my life’s goals and potential barriers to those goals. In so doing, she helped me see everything I’m doing holistically instead of letting me push full steam ahead on plans that might fail if the rest of my life wasn’t considered. Claire’s questioning helped me realise the fear that has motivated so many of my actions, choices and decisions. This fear, if not identified, could have sabotaged any future plans I had. Claire’s goal is to make sure my plans fit into the broader picture of who I am, and don’t detract from the ultimate goals for all of my life. Claire’s creative questioning, listening skills, care and support, as well as her positive attitude provide a wonderful coaching experience, which I am happy to recommend” – Anonymous.

“Recently I attended an event hosted by Claire Doré entitled ‘3 powerful strategies to achieving any goal’.  I received a warm welcome when I arrived and felt immediately at home, in fact as if the event was at her home rather than a business location. Her content was very insightful and relevant to me. Claire engaged her audience with her message to enable us to think for ourselves in a safe and non-threatening way. This approach helped us relax and explore the topic from
our own perspective, rather than being delivered as a one way narrative” – Carol, Business owner, Mum of 2.

“Claire delivered an educational workshop with clear messages and passion for her subject. Claire had great engagement with her audience and the workshop was packed with practical activities and tips for being able to use Claire’s insights in our own lives. I thoroughly enjoyed the session and would highly recommend attending Claire’s workshops if you have the opportunity.” – Sarah, Confidence Coach.

“I think your workshop did wonders for me, I’ve felt so much more confident in my work life and I’ve just secured myself 2 new clients in 2 days.  Whoop whoop!” – Kerry Coleman, Entrepreneur & Mum of 2.