It’s the 23rd January and I feel like I’ve crammed 6 months into 23 days!

How’s your month going?  Fantastic I hope…  And if not you still have 7 days to make a change, you create your life, it’s your choice how you spend your time…. So, show up, bring your best and most importantly make every day count!

crow1I believe we are all capable of more and deserve more.  We can all challenge ourselves, and we grow the most when we stretch ourselves out of our comfort zones.  What could you do a little bit more of each day to help feel that sense of achievement?  And move closer to your goals?
It could be 10 more sit ups every day, an extra 1/2 mile on a run, an extra 1/2 hour playing with your children, 10 more calls to clients?  Stretching yourself and making that small difference each day equates to a big difference across a year.  I would love to be able to do the Crow posture amongst lots of other goals this year.  Practice makes perfect…I best keep going!

I seriouradiosly stepped out of my comfort zone last week, appearing as a guest on Kennet Radio on the Weekend Woman show.  This is so not something I am used to at all, but I do believe you should embrace all opportunities when they come to you.  I felt quite nervous before I arrived at the studio but after meeting the lovely presenters, Carole Throp and Carolyn Sykes I felt much more relaxed.  Most importantly I decided to just share from the heart and enjoy it.
We had a great session chatting about our businesses, how running a business has taught us so much about ourselves, what really helps you and how it has truly enriched our lives….as well as impacting the lives of others too.  If you missed it you can listen again!  Any feedback gratefully received 😉  What it made me realise was that you can do anything if you put your mind to it, we can all achieve more.  Don’t over think things as this can allow fear and “negative chat” get in the way, avoiding us taking action.  Doing something totally different and slightly scary is seriously empowering…I am still buzzing from the radio experience!

I feel so grateful for the opportunities that my business with Arbonne presents to me.  I really didn’t know how my business would make a positive impact in my life in so many ways, I was seriously not sure about starting this business and it felt totally out of my comfort zone.  However I do believe that sometimes we are faced with opportunities and the timing may not be right, so we are not sure whether to say yes or no.  Timing may never be right, but when doors open you have to be brave enough to walk through them.  Opportunities are presented to us for a reason to help us learn and benefit us in some way.  It’s not always clear straight away but in my experience it becomes clearer as time goes on.  Step out…and take that leap of faith.Leap-of-Faith

Over to you…

All that is missing on this page is your voice, so please share what extra thing you are doing each day, how you have stepped out of your comfort zone and what it has done for you…

All the best,

Claire x

P.S.  If you enjoyed reading this and feel it could benefit someone else, please do share.