Today is a big day in the world of women being International Women’s day and I was inspired to share my thoughts on inspiration…

Who inspires you?

I grew up in the 80’s, my biggest inspirations then were Agnetha and Anni – Frid from Abba, my madonna-10629sister and I frequently pretended to be them…. think hairbrush in hand, standing on the sofa and you have a pretty decent image of what we looked like!

Madonna was also right up there in the heroine stakes…loved her passion, determination and constant changing of style…she still continues to inspire me now…incredible lady.

Who inspired you when you were growing up?  And who inspires you now?

There are many women who inspire me in my life now, too many to mention, some have inspirearbonne picd me for years…like my beautiful mum, how I can learn from her, nothing is ever any trouble, despite obstacles when we were growing up she always protected us, showing us all that life was still good, and forever supporting us in everything we do…and then my big sister (fellow business partner), Katie Young, she has inspired me throughout my childhood, and working together now is a joy!  Her energy and positivity is infectious, she has the skill of inspiring belief in others…it’s her belief in me that has played a big role in enabling me to do things I never thought I would do, helping me to build the business I have today.  Then there is the most important little lady in my life, my gorgeous daughter, Florence, she continually inspires me too, with her “can do” attitude, incredible focus, and sheer happiness….she’s one of those beautiful peeps who bounces out of bed happy!  Love that about her..

Who inspires you on a daily basis?  Do you need inspiration from others or do you find it from within?

I feel so lucky that my business enables me to work with an amazing team of smart, driven, motivated and positive women who inspire me daily with their dedication and constant bravery to step out of their comfort zone.   When you step out of your comfort zone, does it inspire you to do more?  

I frequently meet fellow business women who are a constant source of inspiration, having built incredible businesses in line with their passions.  But you don’t have to run a business to be inspirational to others…sometimes it’s not always the big things that necessarily inspire or motivate us, it could be a single mum who shows every day strength and stamina and never complains.  But what is it for you?

Currently I have the pleasure of coaching with a fabulous wellness coach Nina Samuel-Camps, I have known Nina for over 20 years and her life journey continues to inspire me, she has such a passion for creating change, a beautiful intuitive energy and she forever empowers me to realise what is possible.  Last night, Nina shared her wisdom on what a powerful month March is set to be.  March is all about new beginnings, a new moon tonight, the solar eclipses and spring equinox are all set to help us aim high, so start setting those intentions and define your dreams now. Tonight is a solar eclipse a time to facilitate change.  Nina recommends Mystic Mama for a detailed explanation, definitely worth a read 😉

So why do we need to feel inspired?

What’s your thoughts?focus
For me personally, I feel it helps to motivate me, move me forward in a positive direction but also maintain my focus.  A really good question I ask myself frequently is whether what I am doing is moving me forward towards my goals…if it isn’t then maybe its not the best way to spend my time…

What inspires you to move forward?

woman-with-balloonsOver to you…

All that is missing on this page is your voice, so please share what inspiration is for you…who inspires you?  What do you do daily to inspire yourself?  I would love to discuss with you…

All the best, Claire x

P.S.  If you enjoyed reading this and feel it could benefit someone else, please do share.