Wow, 1st May and feels like summer has arrived in the UK, yippee!!

What’s your plan for May?  It’s truly amazing what you can achieve in a month if you apply focus, consistency and commitment….and we have an extra day this month too!

runI am so thrilled to be celebrating such success in my business in April, I have some incredible leaders and business partners in my team who have smashed their goals, moving them one step closer to the life they desire. I adore working with people who inspire me daily…and because of this amazing teamwork I smashed my goal too!! I have found it’s so worth running to the finish line and going for it in a BIG way!  This picture is me last night, though sadly no champagne as everyone was in bed and I’m on my 30 days to healthy living!!  Ha ha!

It’s so exciting promoting to the next level of management in my business.  It truly shows what you can achieve if you anchor yourself to your why, aim BIG, and surround yourself with super positive people who inspire and cheer you on!  Who are you surrounding yourself with to elevate you and achieve everything you want in your life?

Jim Rohn says, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  Who you spend time with influences the person you become, which may lift you up or bring you down.  Here’s the thing…you get to choose 😉

one thingI am currently reading The One Thing by Gary Keller which I highly recommend, it talks about how to create extraordinary results in all areas of your life.  I have just read the ‘Big is Bad’ chapter, very apt timing…it’s explains that big is not bad at all, thinking big helps you achieve extraordinary results in your life.  “When we fear big we either consciously or sub-consciously work against it”.   Where is fear showing up for you and sabotaging your actions?  We all know that Fear stands for False Evidence Appearing Real.  Face it, run through it and enjoy feeling empowered.  I love the last paragraph from the chapter, “Don’t let small thinking cut your life down to size.   Think big, aim high, act bold.  And just see how big you can blow up your life.”

And finally thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support in April, I am eternally grateful.  Click here to listen to my personal 1 minute thank you video 😉

Best wishes,

Claire x