Being “all in” is a question that keeps coming up for me at the moment so I thought I would share my thoughts on this…what does being “all in” mean?

For me, I feel it refers to putting your whole self into something, giving yyourputyourwholeselfinourself no way out, being willing to show up, being your best, putting yourself out there, not holding back and really immersing yourself into your life, relationships and business.

Thinking about how that translates in business, it’s about getting really clear on your vision, defining your goals, focusing on those goals on a daily basis and aligning your activity to achieve them.

I am going to be sharing my experiences about this in an upcoming presentation next week at TEN in Royal Wootton Bassett.  I will touch on the power of a decision and how making a commitment can be so powerful, especially when you share it publicly (with the right supportive kind of people of course!!).  Interestingly, the latin word for decide is de-cedre and is translated as “to cut off”.  Cutting off all other orewards-for-reaching-your-english-goalsptions really helps you to focus, be motivated and drive forward.  We can take inspiration from athletes in this area, I loved the Olympics this year for really showing what is possible with a clear vision and “no way out” mentality.  What I’ve seen of the paralympics too has been truly sensational and we can learn so much from their unstoppable attitude.

So how are you going to make sure you are all in?  In a previous blog I wrote some tips on helping to immerse yourself, creating your vision and get really clear about what you want to achieve to create your future, you can take a look here  if you missed it.

Being all in is also about letting go of past experiences and thinking?  Feeling free of anything that may be holding you back in creating your success, how do you address this?  As mentioned last week, I am off on a 3 day mastermind retreat tomorrow to help me learn and grow from what is holding me back from creating my dreams…I cannot wait, and am excited to see what unfolds over the 3 days.  It’s at Champneys so it’ll be a real treat in swimming-poolitself to enjoy the spa and have some head space too….I’m just a little bit excited!  I know I really need this to help me plan, visualise and get focussed for the next part of my journey in my business.


So coming back to being all in, when you are not feeling all in, why is that?  Is it that it’s not in alignment with your goals?  Or something just doesn’t feel right?  So, how do you check?  Knowing we are on the right track and pathway is so important, I tap into my gut instinct to help guide me on whether something feels right.  This is so simple to do and we all have the answers we want within us.  I do this with my clients as well as my children all the time when they can’t make a decision on something.  Try it next time you need to decide on something…the answer is always present.  All you have to do is ask the question out loud and listen to your immediate response, this works so well especially on children when they can’t make a decision.   Let me know how you get on!

As always thanks for reading.  If this resonates with you and you’d like to chat further, then I would
love to book a complimentary call with you, just drop me an email here, I would love to help.week7-livewhatyoulove-blog
Have the best day…embrace being totally present, doing what you love, following your instincts and going for your goals!

Best wishes,

Claire x

What am I up to this month?

15th – 17th September 2016 – Mastermind retreat with Kate Gerry and Chris Kenney at the gorgeous Champneys in Henlow Grange. Intrigued to hear more…. contact Kate for details.

20th September 2016 – Relaunch of the Hungerford Ladies who Latte group at the Bear Hotel, details here.

21st September 2016 – Reaching your goals workshop at TEN Wootton Bassett, want to understand why you may miss your goals?  Please join me.

26th September 2016 – “Harness the power of your menstrual cycle to create more success in your life” workshop at Desk Cowork, register here.

30th September 2016 – Macmillan coffee morning plus Arbonne 🙂 at my home in Ramsbury, details here, please RSVP.

2nd October 2016 – Burnham-on-sea half marathon…want to run with me? I would love that!!  Register here.

Hope to connect with you at one of these events! 🙂