Had a nap on the flight to Germany last week (one of my favourite things to do – nap and travel!) and woke up with this blog, so thought I would share.  I really find that resting your mind for a short time can help you achieve such focus and energy on waking! It helps me feel like I have super powers ????.

So as we approach the end of the year, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the year.  What have you achieved?  What are you proud of?  What have you learnt?  What are the gifts you will take forward with you into 2017?

All great questions to think about as we close another year and chapter.

My 5 biggest learnings this year have been the following…

  1. Bringing more of me into all areas of my life.  No longer compartmentalising.  This has been a great lesson, sharing my learning from my coaching with my children and husband.  And also having confidence to use my family learnings in my work.  This has been really powerful in feeling more me all the time.
  2. Discovering my husband’s love language and how I can help fill his love tank to feel closer and stronger as a couple.  This has been so insightful!  It’s still constant working progress but it’s been so healthy to understand what makes us both feel loved.  This has been really useful to bring into my work too, as I help others feel more fulfilled and loved in their relationships.  Intrigued to know more, drop me an email to set up a chat. (P.S. this is me and my hubby on our child free break to Stuttgart!).
  3. To put my needs first as often as possible.  Yep… you heard me correctly.  So often as Mums we put ourselves last and with that can often mean we are are not feel fulfilled and happy.  Putting ourselves first is vital for the happiness of the whole family.   When I take care of me, I can be more in all areas of my life and take care of everyone else’s needs even better.
  4. To be clear about my boundaries – say what I really mean, this link to no.1 as it helps me be more of me when I stand up for  myself and what I believe.
  5. Practicing one new habit every month helps me to stay calm, tune into my needs, be more productive and help to release my creativity too.  An example of that is planning my activities around my Menstrual cycle, so that I am in line with my energy levels, emotions and mental state, which enables me to be more productive.  This is another example of taking care of my needs, listening to my body and going with my gut instinct.

So tell me what is it you’d love to achieve in 2017?

This is the perfect time to get really clear. What is it for you?  What would make you feel really proud of yourself?  What could you create this year?  What are your family goals for 2017?  Ask your children too…
Helping my clients set goals is a huge part of the work I do.  They become a framework, giving direction to know what the next steps are.  My goal for my clients is to keep them accountable.  But what’s always fascinating is helping them to uncover what could be stopping them achieve their goals.  Obstacles come up for a reason, to help us understand what could be holding us back. They pop up to help us grow and learn the lesson within.  Implementing these lessons into your life is the most powerful thing which most people do not do.

My passion is to help you walk the talk so you can move forward in all areas of your life.  Maybe you’d like to say yes to you for 2017 and invest in your needs?  If so lets set up a chat…  The new year is the perfect time to get started in putting you first.  Drop me an email and we can set up a 30 minute chat.

All that is missing on this page is your voice, I would so love to hear your learnings from 2016 and what your plans are for YOU in 2017.

Wishing you a wonderful festive time,

Claire x

P.S. I’m not sending cards this year, but donating to Children with Cancer UK, my marathon charity.  Want to donate too? You can do that here..

What am I up to over the next few weeks.

Tuesday 20th December – 10am-12pm – Ladies who Latte Networking in Hungerford.

Friday 27th January – 9.30am – 12.30pm – ‘Unlocking your self confidence’ workshop – The Enterprise Network, Wootton Bassett. If you think this workshop is for you, then click here to register your place.

More workshop dates to follow which I will be running at The Newbury Wellbeing Centre.