Firstly I wanted to wish you all a fabulous 2017.  I truly wish for you all that it’s filled with love, happiness, fun, success and helping you shine more.

So how does 2017 feel so far?  My kids went back to school yesterday, they were ready, after a wonderful break, as was I.  I really enjoyed my day yesterday, reconnecting with the networking group I attend and then having some quiet time and much needed head space to plan, before the kids came home again.  I find head space so good for me to recharge and reenergise, as well as being able to think!  Don’t you think there’s a great feeling of anticipation and excitement when a new year arrives?  Time to put plans in place and reconnect with what you want to achieve.

So let me ask you, what have you learnt from 2016?  What areas of your life were you happy with?  What areas would you like to improve on?  What are your fitness plans?  What are your health goals?  And have you thought about your financial goals?  Or just simply what would you like to start doing that you haven’t already?

What you achieve by 31st December 2017 is up to you.

I advise all of my clients to write down their goals, to be really specific (by adding timings), make sure it’s measurable and making sure it’s realistic.  Then commit to reading them every day, even better carry them around with you (I sometimes take a photo and have it as my screen saver on my phone).  Goals in your mind, as merely just thoughts, research shows that you are 42% more likely to achieve a goal when it’s written down.  So get your pen and paper out!   Next tip is share your goals with your family or friends, people who can support you.  There is real power in a group thought.   And then use visualisation to feel what it would look like to achieve your goals.  Visualise that looks like, what would you do to celebrate, who would you tell first, how would they congratulate you, what would your family say, picture it all…and spend time doing it every day.

I have a list of goals for 2017 for all areas of my life, but my biggest goal is to improve my service to my clients, by consistently improving myself through learning and development.  In the Japanese language there is a word specifically for this, kaizen, which basically means to continually improve.  I discovered this when I was on a recent tour of the Porsche factory in Stuttgart, unsurprisingly it’s one of Porsche’s philosophies, what a world class service they deliver, with such a team and family feel, we can all take inspiration from a brand like this I am sure.  Anyway, to continuously improve myself and my service, for me this breaks down as daily commitments, as well as continuing my personal coaching and immersing myself in deep work on the coaching retreats I attend (the first one of the year is next week – yay!).

So, we are all in complete control of our story and what happens in our lives, therefore, what would be the next step in your journey of life?  2017 is a brilliant year to create what you really really want from your life.  In Numerology, it’s a number one year which means it’s all about new beginnings.  Whoop whoop!  How exciting is that?!  2017 is the start of a new 9 year cycle, all about embracing change, being your unique self and showing your leadership abilities. So if you have been wanting to create something new then this is the year to do it!  Feel like you need help stepping into what you want to create?  Then drop me a message I work in a variety of ways completely unique to each individual and entirely dependent on their needs.

Unsurprisingly, 2016 was a number 9 year, which was all about completion and endings.  So we have gone through a full 9 year cycle, and this means some things would’ve come to an end, this can be good and bad.

Anyway 2017….a new year and new energy, my feeling is this is a year for you, to think about you, about your unique self, time to take care of you, and step into your dreams.  I know I talk a lot about taking care of you but I cannot stress how vital it is in helping us become the best version of ourselves, to feel fully aligned to who we are, to help us really tune into our needs, to enable you to create what you want and also to enable you to help others.  We actually achieve more when we do less.  It’s about focusing on the most important tasks that are actually going to move you forward.  When you look at your to do list, ask yourself what is the one thing that will move you closest to your goal?…do just that.  Sometimes having a nap can be one of the most productive uses of time, sounds counterintuitive but having a short nap can re-energise our minds, helping us to re-focus, enabling us to be more productive.

Finally, I wanted to share what has been showing up in my work recently and it’s something that I notice is stopping women step into what they want.  What is it?  Lack of self confidence.  Self confidence is intrinsically linked to embracing our true self and being.  The more we connect with our true self, and love all parts of ourselves, the more we build our self confidence.  I am so passionate about helping women in this area and have been through the process myself, and continually work on it.  So if you feel you need help in stepping into your true self, then drop me a line, I can help in many ways, but one way is by attending my next workshop at the end of January entitled “Unlocking your self confidence”.  Places are limited so just click here to reserve your place.  I would love you to join me.

Thank you once again for reading, it means so much to me.  Your voice is all that is missing on this page, please do join the discussion and share your thoughts…

Keep shining,

Claire x

What is Claire up to over the next few weeks?  A lot!, but all very exciting things….

Wednesday 11th to 15th January – I am attending a Global Mastermind retreat with my coaches in the heart of Napa Valley, San Francisco.  Time for me to improve myself, connect with my true self and get clear on what I want from 2017.  Taking lots of books for the flight, hoping to complete a few 😉

Tuesday 17th January – 10am – 12pm – Ladies who Latte Networking group in Hungerford, at The Bear Hotel.  All ladies welcome!

Wednesday 18th January – 10am – 12pm – Women in business networking meeting at The Enterprise Network in Wootton Bassett – I am the speaker this month, so do come along if you’re free, always nice to see some friendly faces in the audience 😉

Tuesday 24th January – 6.30pm – 8pm – Total guide to swindon networking event at Audi Swindon.

Friday 27th January – 9.30am – 12.30pm – ‘Unlocking your self confidence’ workshop – The Enterprise Network, Wootton Bassett. If you think this workshop is for you, then click here to register your place.


23rd April 2017 – Running the London Marathon for Children with Cancer UK  – eek!  Training is hotting up, will keep you posted on progress.  If you want to support this amazing cause and also keep me motivated, you can donate here.  Thank you in advance!

P.S.  Want to incorporate some healthy new habits into 2017?  Watch my Facebook live from Monday, click here to view. 

P.P.S. I love this and had to share here, I’m printing it out as my guidance for 2017 to remind to be ME in all areas of my life.  Be you, be bold, be brave.