Interestingly I’ve been wanting to write this blog for the last few days & circumstances outside of me have got in the way, or maybe was I manifesting these things to get in the way?  Allowing me to fall into blame mode if I wished?  How often do you decide to do something & then something manifests which gets in the way & then you fall into “blame” mode.  As I say often, we create our own reality & we can only take responsibility for ourselves.

So I wanted to just talk about blaming & taking responsibility in this blog…

Starting with blaming, this is a pattern of behaviour, it’s also a conditioning, which we can decide to take on or we can take responsibility for our own actions.  The meaning of blame is: to say or think that someone or something did something wrong or is responsible for something bad happening.

Here’s an example of how that can play out, I have heard this kind of story before from people, “It’s my wife’s fault I caught that nasty bug because the night before I got sick, she made me stay up to the late watching that film.” Really?  So how could someone possibly ever prove that this guy wouldn’t have gotten sick had he gotten more sleep?

So get really conscious when you start to fall into “blame” mode, ask yourself is it really true that someone or something has sabotaged you achieving what you want?

I was totally inspired by reading Claressa Shields’s story today, thanks for sharing John Doré (my husband aka my blog researcher! Ha ha!).  She has an incredible story, from poverty & abuse to gaining olympic boxing status.  She won her first Gold medal at London 2012, then at Rio 2016, she made history, she became the first American boxer to successfully defend an Olympic title…  Her story before this moment was very different.  Growing up in a family where her dad was in prison for drug dealing for many years, having an alcoholic mum who kept disappearing, Claressa had to take responsibility for caring for her siblings at a young age.  She became very resourceful in doing this, finding ways to earn money to buy food to feed her siblings, but along the way she was raped at a very young age, not just once but repetitively for 6 months, & by someone she knew.

These experiences are no doubt what shaped her strength of personality today & created that fighting spirit…though it could’ve been so different.  Without a doubt she fought for everything in life, even to convince her dad to let her box, despite this being his passion in life.  And just look where she is now…

Some of my favourite quotes from the article are: “you can’t let something someone did to you – something that made you feel so worthless – stop your life.  I’m not going to let a man that evil and foul have control over me.  I’m not going to let him be the decision-maker.  I could have made bad choices in life, but I was still in school, still boxing and still winning.”

And finally….”It didn’t stop me from being great.” (FYI you can read the full BBC story here).

Just awe inspiring.

What I really love is that Claressa took responsibility, she didn’t let previous situations sabotage her future.

In Stephen Covey’s book, 7 habits of highly effective people, it describes & breaks down the word responsibility as the ability to respond.  How we respond is what creates our outcome.  How do you respond?  Do you blame situations for your results?

We can only be responsible for ourselves, our behaviour & how we then act.  For me taking time out of my normal day & out of my business is the most empowering way to really stop & think about how I react & behave.  With that in mind I have created a workshop to help other women & female entrepreneurs gain that clarity.  It’s on Thursday 30th March, called “Unleash your full potential”.  The workshop is devised to help you see what could be holding you back from creating the success you deserve.  All the details are on the link, click here to take a look, I have 1 place left so take a look & let me know if it’s yours!  I would absolutely love to help you unleash your full potential.

Keep smiling,

Claire x


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