The importance of knowing your worth is key for success & fulfilment.  Whether you are running your own business, working in corporate or being the main carer in the family, it is vital that you know & own your value.

We are all unique, we all have knowledge, training, experience, perspective & personality to share with the world, & that’s special & it’s yours.  So we need to offer that in the right way & with the right value.  When you are not owning your value you are not only holding yourself back, but you are holding those that are here to learn from you back.

So how do you own it?

Well guess what, we have complete control of it.  We create everything, how we see the world is based on our thoughts & perceptions, & how we see ourselves is based on the same.  To really own your value, going through a process of reframing what you are thinking will get you there.  Also gaining awareness of what beliefs lie below those thoughts & making a decision as to whether you want to carry that anymore?

I think everyone struggles with owning their value at some point in their lives, & I certainly have myself too, & I’ve spent a lot of time working on it.  In fact the 3 day retreat I attended in Sedona was themed exactly that which was just what I needed! An intense retreat situation is a great opportunity to real peel back the layers to truly see what’s stopping you.  I certainly experienced that, coming home feeling more me & lighter too.  There is still work to do, & constant daily development is crucial to keep you moving forward.

I’d so love to help you, so that you can truly own your value too.

Over the years I have seen many female entrepreneurs struggle with this issue, so I have put together a brilliant & empowering workshop to help you own your value.  I’m super excited about it!

In fact it’s been so popular I’ve had to schedule 2 dates.

If you’re interested then there are 2 spaces left on 15th May & 3 spaces on 23rd May .  They are both held in my home in Ramsbury, I have found this to be the best place for my clients to really open up & share.  Also the space is perfect for a workshop, if the weather is kind we may even venture into the garden for parts of it this time.

I would so love to help cure the epidemic of undercharging, overdelivering & over eating that I see sabotage people’s sense of worth, so if that resonates at all then please grab your place now!

Best wishes,

Claire x

P.S.  For those of you that I haven’t caught up with, I loved the London marathon.  Such an incredible day.  And I totally smashed my goal, which I am very pleased about.  Learnt loads & I’ll be sharing my learnings in the next blog!


What’s Claire up to over the next few weeks?

9th May – 9.30am – 2.30pm – Next workshop for female entrepreneurs – interested? Email for details.

11th May – 7.30am – 9am – Business village networking group at The Campanile Hotel, Swindon.

11th May – 12.30pm – 5pm – A celebration of Women in Business – Royal Windsor racecourse.

15th May – 9.30am – 3pm – How owning your value is key to entrepreneurial success, book here.

18th May – Visiting Stroudnet – Entrepreneurs networking – Stonehouse Court hotel.

23rd May – 9.30am – 3pm – How owning your value is key to entrepreneurial success, book here.

13th – 15th July – email Attending the Global Mastermind retreat in Edinburgh, Scotland, want to join me?  Drop me an & we can set up a chat.