If there is ever a time that your inner voice tries to run the show then training for the London marathon was it for me!

One of the biggest challenges I faced on the long training runs was the constant chatter, “I’m tired”, “my legs really hurt now”, “I really want to stop”, “I hate running in the dark”, “I’m cold”, “sh*t I’m not even half way & my body aches”…blah blah blah.

Marathon training is a mindset game.  Our bodies are built to run & are capable of far more than we think.  It’s our thinking that stops us.  To keep myself going I chose to not give any of those thoughts energy, despite some of them “being true” 😉

Instead I chose to tell my mind to “shut up”, “you can do this”, “just keep going”, “yay I’ve hit double figures”, “you’ve got this”, etc.  There will always be barriers or obstacles in our lives & how we push through them is what defines us & makes us stronger.

This is true for business too, there will be setbacks, mistakes, painful moments, uncomfortable / scary times, “No’s” & often what we consider as failures.

How do you approach & overcome these obstacles?

Do you see obstacles as a puzzle to solve?  Or an opportunity to grow? Do you see them as threats or something thats trying to sabotage your results?

What you make it mean & how you react is your choice & that gives you your power.  I love Nelson Mandela’s quote, “You’re either winning or learning”, a great message to live by, & so damn true!

Training for the marathon really was very similar to running a business…it’s not a short term win, you’re in it for the long haul. Belief was key to success….believing in myself was essential to keep going.  This is true for running a business too, your belief needs to ooze out of every part of you & in everything you do.

Trust had a huge role to play too, I needed to trust myself, trust in my training & that I’d done enough to deliver on the day.  Trusting in the process of business is key to success too, we have to trust we are making the right decisions & taking the right path.

Focus was essential to drive me forward on a weekly basis, & it really taught me how powerful it is to have a big goal to aim for. I’d made this huge commitment to myself, the charity & publicly, so the back door was well & truly shut.  In business goals are so powerful to maintain focus despite distractions & “life” getting in the way or sending us off course.  What are your goals for your business & life for the rest of 2017?  This is a perfect time to reset & revisit current goals.

Having a strong Mindset is the most powerful asset in training.  And this is absolutely spot on for business too.  It was interesting how people talk about hitting a “wall” when you run a marathon.  And I had lots of people share their marathon stories with me about where they struggled, “watch out for the wall”, I was even asked “what will you do when you hit the wall?!”….funnily enough that was not my experience at all.  I didn’t hit a “wall” I just smiled my way round soaking up the atmosphere.  So let me ask you, who puts a wall up for you in your business?  And when does your mindset struggle?

We create our own experience & play a huge role in manifesting that experience.  Remember our thoughts become our feelings which impact our actions & then our outcome.  Another fave quote of mine is “How you do one thing is how you do everything”. So how are you creating your experience & impacting your business?

Finding your tribe is extremely important in helping you stay on track, drive you forward, remind you how far you’ve come, & cheer you a long the way.  I had a fab group of cheerleaders around me whilst in my “marathon” build up, as well as great running partners to join me on runs, (you know who you are ladies, massive thanks, appreciated your support so much).  In business being surrounded by the right people to share our goals, successes, keep us going, remind us of our why & lift us up when we need it speaks volumes.  Find your tribe to support you & love them hard…

So there you have it, my take on how training for a marathon requires the same skills as running a business.  So if you’re running a business that must mean one thing…you have the skills to run a marathon!!!! Who’s up for London 2018?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts & comments below.

And wishing you a successful rest of May.

Keep shining,

Claire x

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