Ever have that feeling where you just don’t really feel like you are getting anywhere.  Been feeling a bit like this myself recently. It seems to be that time of year where everything ramps up, the kids are tired, you’re tired (of the routine) & the holiday you booked can’t come quick enough!!

It’s so easy for everything else to take over when “life” gets super busy.

But what is the impact when this happens?  On you?  On your family?  Your work / business?

For me if I allow everything else to take over, I notice it really impacts my energy levels & I actually become less productive.  I also realise the “balance” is out of line & I’m not doing the things that really fill my cup, which is my work.  It’s like I lose an element of me as well as focus & clarity on where I’m going. Tony Robbin‘s quote is an excellent reminder that we all need a direction & something to aim for. He said, “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible”.

What’s your strategy for staying motivated & connected to your work when life goes a bit bonkers?

I have a few tips which I thought I’d share with you.

  1. Set intentions.  Have you ever walked into a meeting without having a plan or aim?  What is the purpose?  What outcome would you like for the person you are meeting, or group?  What outcome would you like for yourself?  And your business? Life can be so busy & sometimes we are rushing from one thing to another (I am definitely a culprit of this!), so we don’t always think about the aim….being clear on the purpose is critical, it saves time, gives the meeting some direction & you know why you are there & what you can give in terms of value.
  2. Take care of you.  Loving yourself is key to holistic wellness.  Remember to prioritise your health & wellbeing, so take time to do something for you.  That thing where you lose time doing it, do that.  It’ll recharge & re-energise, & keep you calmer for all the other stuff you have to do.  We think taking time out is counterintuitive but it is so powerful & helps us to come back with more focus on the stuff that needs doing.  We all need a break.
  3. Prepare a list the night before.  This is such a productive way to work, means you don’t waste time in the morning working out what you need to achieve that day.  Taking the information out of your head & writing it down can help with sleep too, & we all know how vital sleep is for productivity, you can read my top tips on sleep here.  I found an inspiring blog by Gabriel Smith’s blog about the 5 things productive people do every night, totally agree with this, some great habits to improve your productivity.
  4. Prioritise.  What needs your time now?  On your list, number each task in order of importance.  Where are the gaps in your day to achieve the things you want to achieve.  And ask yourself is this realistic in the time you have?  So often I see people trying to achieve an unrealistic list of things in the time they have…be honest with yourself.  Another way to look at this is who could help you?  Or what can you delegate to someone else?  My children are getting good at helping out…I have realised I have a trainee accountant & a brilliant laundry assistant amongst my tribe 😉  Yippee!!

Let me know how you get on…

I’m off on my Mastermind retreat tomorrow, my time to reconnect, recharge, let go of being the one who is holding everything together, unravel another layer of me, fill my cup, gain head space & surround myself with an inspirational group of women plus 1 man…my coach Chris 😉  Sounds amazing eh?!  Remember I did say setting intentions is really important!! Lots here…

As you can imagine I’m super excited, this will be my 5th retreat with Chris & Kate, every single one has been unique & special in it’s own right & I have no doubt Edinburgh will be wonderful too.

No doubt I will be sharing on how it goes next week, so until then, bye bye…

Keep shining,

Claire x