I’m back from my fab-u-lous mastermind retreat in Edinburgh, which was utterly brilliant in so many ways, feeling super happy & full of clarity.

Oh & I survived end of term…whoop whoop!  Great to have the kids home, they really needed to finish & have some much needed down time.  Me too 😉

I’ve had lots of people ask me about my experience on the retreat – how it went, what we did, did I wear a dressing gown the whole time, how many face masks did I use, how much yoga did I do…etc etc.

Hmmm….lets get some things straight, there was no yoga, I wore the dressing gown once for about 5 minutes & there wasn’t a face mask in sight!  It wasn’t that kind of retreat…

So what was it all about?

Two words…Deep Sh*t (DS) – as quoted by one of the fellow participants.  We covered some really deep work which was so uplifting despite feeling uncomfortable at the time, & DS definitely captured the essence, peeling back another layer in order to grow & blossom…. (BTW there was a lot of fun & laughter too!)

So what kinda of DS?…hmmm, where do I start…

We faced our vulnerabilities…ohhh…..the things that make you really squirm inside, the stuff that really triggers you, that gives you the feeling of curling up into a ball, or like me wanting to hide but realising there are 7 people looking right at me, so hoping the floor might swallow me up instead…ever had that feeling?  (that’s sign we need to take look at something).


There was one moment where I really felt like that, which was very uncomfortable, but what’s more uncomfortable & scary? Knowing & living with this baggage which has been holding me back & impacting being me?  Hell no!  So taking a long hard look & deep dive was really essential for my growth.

Before the retreat I have to say I was completely unconscious to some of this stuff, & what’s wonderful is this lightbulb or “aha” moment where I can totally see it’s in the way of fully being me & being able to thrive in all areas of my life.

Despite facing DS, I absolutely love these transformational retreats, I think in fact they are possibly one of my favourite things to do for me.  I love the people I meet & get to grow with, the energy in the room, hanging out with my incredible coaches & how everyone is willing to show up & take on what comes up for them (& the treats are always amazing too! – thank you Chris & Kate).

Obviously we all have a choice whether we decide to uncover the stuff we’ve been squishing, suppressing, or shutting in a box for all these years, though to really want to live to your full potential & create your dreams it’s a essential to take a long look…however hard it feels.   Because here’s the thing it’s this that really holds us back from being who we want to be…so ignoring it or running away will mean it’ll keep popping up until we do….next time it’ll be shouting at you rather than a gentle whisper!

We had a lot of fun too, & a hell of a lot of laughing.  I loved taking time to reflect on the past 6 months which was really positive & then within that what truths we needed to hear.  Another brilliant session was spent visualising what our future self looks like, this was very powerful, & something I would love to continue working on myself & with my clients too….I loved everyone’s insights & sharing on this, so inspiring to hear.  What’s really special about these retreats is the support in the room & the power of the collective mind to help each & every one of us to move forward.  And not forgetting great leadership  from Chris & Kate, making this all happen & holding the space for us to open up.  Just love love love working with these two. 😉

So that’s a little snapshot of the retreat itself, plus a big highlight was our sumptious dinner at the 5 star Prestonfield restaurant.  That was so decadent, divine & incredibly funny too (particularly the Czech / Essex waiter, not the accent we expected in Scotland!).

Personally I feel incredibly lucky to be on this journey with these amazing leaders & inspirational women….something I feel everyone would want to experience in their lives.

And finally on another note…

I’ve had some interesting conversations with people about coaching recently & what continues to surprise me is that people think they can solve their own problems…really??  Hands down, I know I absolutely cannot!

There is a brilliant quote from Albert Einstein, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”.  Totally true!  I’ve had clients tell me they will sort out their stuff themselves & then before I know it they’ve come back to me, why?…because we can’t see this stuff ourselves, most often it’s invisible.

Why would you wait to be the best version of yourself?

If you really think you can sort it out yourself then surely you would’ve done so already?  It never ceases to amaze me.  Let me tell you everyone has “Deep sh*t” …& guess what the same “sh*t” shows up when you haven’t changed your thinking…

Feel like you’ve got some sh*t you’d like to shift?  Lets fix a chat, you can email me at [email protected]

Thanks again for reading, I appreciate your support.

Best wishes,

Claire x






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