I’ve been talking a lot on my Facebook group recently about the importance of Self care & why taking care of you is a number one priority.  I really know this & teach this frequently with my 1-2-1 clients & in my workshops…but sometimes I need to remind myself!  I’ve had a really big lesson in why taking care of me is a number 1 priority this week… 🙁

After the summer holidays of giving hugely to the needs of my children, & putting their demands first, I kinda really missed the taking care of me part, I didn’t put it as a priority.  The impact of that has been huge for the last two weeks but in particular this week.

When the kids went back I planned to take some me time, I did take a couple hours to get my nails done & grab a coffee, but this didn’t quite hit the mark.  On top of that the day after they went back I had a big speaking event to prep & deliver, which took a lot of energy & actually if I’m honest wasn’t my best performance because inside I was really flagging.  (BTW I am not looking for sympathy, sharing my story to let you know the lesson I have learnt here 😉

When we don’t listen to the small signs that we need to take action on, it can then come & wallop you round the head!  So guess what I got ill, yep no surprise really, I then had to really stop & I’ve spent the whole week prioritising what was most important & just doing that.  So ignoring & not recharging fully cost me this week & I’m still recovering now…

And here’s the thing, I really needed to be at my full powerful self because I had some emotional stuff with one of my boys to deal with too…this required a huge amount of energy & focus, so I had to get really mindful about my choices.  What was fascinating was that I started manifesting like a crazy thing…meetings kept moving in my diary which created space for me to deal with getting well & dealing with everything.  This was not a coincidence…I created that…we all do it, we are just not always conscious to it.

So how did I keep my head straight?  Here’s what helped me & hope this can help you when you have a challenging week too.

  1. Staying present – this wasn’t easy, though whenever I drifted off I took myself back to the now to maintain my focus & stay in the moment.  In challenging times, looking back can create depression, looking forward can create anxiety, so being present is essential to stay calm.
  2. Napping – I made sure there was an opportunity to nap every day, no matter what, I made this a really clear intention.  Not only was this going to help me recover quicker, it also helped to clear my mind.
  3. Expressing myself – I let out my emotions in oodles…(thanks to my husband & special friends who had to experience that), this was so necessary to gain clarity & perspective. Also releasing emotion can help us to breakthrough, so I went with it & fully expressed myself.
  4. Meditation – This was an absolute daily priority.  Despite being exhausted I made sure this was how I started my day.  There are endless benefits to meditation especially helping to calm the mind, clear the clutter, get a hold on our intuition & maintain clarity.
  5. Gratitude – I continued to make time to write my daily gratitude lists.  I always do this in the morning but I made sure I thought about this at bedtime too.  Focusing on the positives & what we are grateful for can help us to increase our frequency attracting more good stuff!
  6. Support – I am super grateful to have an amazing husband, family & friends around to support me.  Plus very lucky to have a brilliant & super smart coach who can help me to see things from a different perspective.
  7. Connect with Nature – I made sure I got out amongst the beautiful Wiltshire countryside, to breathe & connect with my surroundings. Fresh air & being in nature really helps to gain a fresh perspective & change our state of mind. (One advantage of having a dog is that it gets you out every day, which was a good thing this week).
  8. Eat healthily – It made me get really good with my food & be mindful about what I was choosing to eat. Eating the right foods have such an impact on how we feel so making the right choices is essential when we’re under the weather.  I also doubled my daily dose of probiotics – 70% of our immune system is in our gut, so populating it with good bacteria & the right foods helps for a speedier recovery.

So phew…I made it to Saturday & the good news is that having used this combination of techniques it has helped me to focus as well as manifest solutions & move closer to emotional harmony…yay…how we respond to situations has a huge impact on our reality so keeping your head straight & finding ways to manage your thoughts so they don’t spiral is extremely powerful enabling you to then manifest solutions.

Hoping you have all had a good start to September…& if like me you have not been listening to those small voices, then tune in, pause, listen & take action, it will be time well spent…& make so much sense in the long run.

Interestingly I’m finding lots of people reaching out lately because they need my help, if you are finding your head is super busy with thoughts & you need help gaining clarity so you can take the right steps forward or make the right decisions, drop me a line, we can set up a complimentary coaching call.  I’d really love to help 🙂

Best wishes for a wonderful rest of September,

Claire x