There have been lots of tears at Doré towers recently…not all sadness btw…some have been tears of joy & happiness, some from deep emotions that needed to come up & be released.   Releasing these deep emotions through crying is such a powerful process.

I attended my Mastermind retreat last week with a small group of amazing business leaders, it was my 6th retreat, & as always every single one is different & gives me a fresh perspective.  Unsurprisingly it triggered a whirlwind of emotions for the whole room as various moments in the 3 days together (btw we also had a lot of fun too & outdoor jacuzzi action!).  The positive thing about releasing these emotions helps to create shifts in our business & lives…it’s so freeing to let go of the stuff (limiting beliefs & other baggage we are totally unaware of) that is holding us back from being more impactful & awesome in the world!

Even though the individual reasons we were all at the retreat were unique to each person, the general theme is that we wanted to improve ourselves, discover more of what’s true for us & help to shift the patterns of behaviour that are running us.  And here’s the thing when we hold onto to that “stuff” (oh & guess what most of this “stuff” is invisible & we’re unconscious to it!) it stops us being the best version of ourselves & being able to truly shine all of our gifts out into the world, like we were born to do.

So bring on the tears!  When tears come, embrace them, they are there for a reason & it’s so healthy to let them out.  They help us on a psychological level & physical level.  A friend & fellow coach always used to say to me that to create a breakthrough in our lives we need to go through the “breakdown” first… so the emotional breakdown / crying is essential to experience this.

When tears come, embrace them, they are there for a reason & it’s so healthy to let them out.  They help us on a psychological level & physical level.

So what I’m saying is it’s ok to cry & have a meltdown.  However what’s not healthy is wallowing in it…do not unpack it & live there.  Cry it out & then re focus on where you are heading.  Got it?

Did you know that tears are actually the fastest way for our bodies to clear out toxins?  They’re like a natural painkiller.

Here’s 3 reasons why crying is good for you:

  1. Tears are a sign of strength.  Crying is a sign of strength regardless of what society says.  It takes strength to show vulnerability.  So stop worrying about what others think & cry if you want to.

  2. Tears help release stress.  Crying “is believed to release stress hormones or toxins from the body,” says Lauren Bylsma, a PhD student at the University of South Florida.  Crying is a function of the parasympathetic nervous system that is responsible for relaxation.  When you cry, you are likely releasing stress as your body begins to relax.  That is why a good cry feels so good.

  3. Tears help you let go & move on.  Pretending everything is okay doesn’t solve anything, and all it does is lead to a wealth of pent-up emotions.  A good cry is a great way to release the need to hold onto something that is no longer of service.  Carrying around emotional baggage can affect your mental health so cry & let it out.

Here’s to tears, showing our vulnerabilities & fully expressing ourselves.

Best wishes,

Claire x