It’s true, we always have the answers inside us, we just have to tune in & listen.

Sometimes that’s not as simple as it seems though is it? 

In this fast paced “always on” world, life gets busy, like crazy busy at times, particularly at this time of year!  I find I have to be super disciplined to carve out time in my schedule to just be.  And for me it’s in these moments that the really good stuff pops into my head…you know those little “knowing” nuggets that don’t get heard if we’re too busy.  Running alone is also powerful for me to listen in to my intuition too.

What about you?  Do you feel intuitive?  Do you ever feel a gut instinct about something?  And how do you feel that?

I believe everyone has an inner knowing & intuition.  Of course we are all unique beings so this is different for everyone.  Some people naturally receive these messages & are very in tune to it…or maybe work with someone who can help them extract it ;).

So what is intuition?

Intuition is the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning. (that’s the dictionary definition btw).  

What I find interesting is that we are in a world where society makes us think that we need to rationalise our decisions.  Why? And how does that impact our gut instincts?  Yep we end up trying to get our head involved in what (at times) may seem like a radical idea…but what if that’s the truth & the right route for us to take?

I talk a lot with my clients about trusting their intuition & I find it’s a simple way of helping my children make decisions too.  Whether it’s something as straight forward as what they really want to eat for lunch or whether they have a bigger decision to make, like what GCSEs to choose, by checking in with their intuition helps them choose what’s really right for them instead of what their head thinks.  Another way of checking in with this is by asking “does it feel heavy?” or “does it feel light?”  If it feels light then it’s the right choice for us.

Tuning into our intuition is such a powerful tool to guide us, it can help us make decisions in all aspects of our lives & our business too.

How we receive these messages is different for all of us.  Some people receive images, feelings or words like myself. 

Wondering what the hell I’m going on about?  Or maybe you’d like to tap into your inner wisdom more?

Here are my top 6 tips in gaining more invaluable inner wisdom into your every day life:

1 – Leave your phone at home.  Get outside.  Walk, run, or just be amongst nature.  Breathe & get present in the moment.

2 – Sit quietly.  In absolute silence.  Turn off your phone & enjoy the calm.  (I  need more of this right now so it’s good to share it here as I find what I write about helps to infiltrate).

3 – Do something that lights you up creatively…whatever that is for you…the thing you lose time when you’re doing it.  For me that’s cooking.  For my daughter it’s dancing.  It could be drawing, painting, singing…what activity do you love & literally lose time doing it?

4 – Meditate – this doesn’t have to be for a long time & you can do it anywhere.  It can be as simple as just focusing on your breathing. (I like to meditate in the mornings in bed, however I’ve also meditated in hotel toilets, especially before a talk 😉

5 – Keep a journal.  Expressing yourself through writing can really help to tap into the subconscious.  What you write may not make sense, & often the mind cannot make sense of it, stay with it, you’ll work out the messages in the end.  It always amazes me what comes out when you decide to put pen to paper.

6 – Turn off Your Inner Critic.  Often times we rationalize away those voices within.  Try listening without judgment.  Allow the inner dialogues to happen without fear or ridicule.

7 – Make space.   Sometimes we expect great things to show up in our lives but the space is not there to allow it in.  Find the time & space literally.

I hope that helps you to tune into your inner wisdom.  Life won’t always be perfect, however with your gut instinct as your sidekick, you’re a whole lot stronger & smarter than you think.

Best wishes,

Claire x