Yep I’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front…& I was thinking about why that is…I initially thought it was because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write, however the real reason I realise is I haven’t had the time.  This is an interesting realisation for me as we all have enough time to do everything we want to do in lives, it’s our choice how we spend it.  Clearly I didn’t see my writing as a priority.  Now that I’ve started typing I realise how much I have missed it!  Expressing my thoughts is good 🙂

I just love how we are constantly learning & how we can often adopt patterns of behaviour that really do not serve us or fill our cup.  Gaining that awareness is key to make a change.  I now know myself that I need to carve out the time to blog or journal regularly again.

Today I am sharing about the 5 things that have changed my life…(not including getting married, giving birth, bringing up 3 kids…..), but the things that I’ve committed to on a self development level.

  1. Coaching.
    • Over the last 10 years I have been fortunate enough to have a mix of coaching with an amazing bunch of coaches…each & every one of them has helped me in a part of my journey to where I am today.  I believe every single coach I have worked with has helped me at that particular time in my life & they were the right coach for that time.   Why has it been life changing?  I now understand so much more about myself, the power of setting goals, the advantage of being accountable, how the mind works & how to become extremely conscious in your life so you can make the right choices.  (Don’t get me wrong I still make the wrong ones too, & there are always lessons learnt in those!).  It has also helped me create healthy daily habits that are now so engrained in my routine.  Now it hasn’t been rose tinted glasses all the way, in fact I’ve probably shed more tears than ever in that time, peeled back a fair few layers of Claire, embraced some deep deep sh**, & wanted to curl up & hide many times too.  Taking ourselves on is not easy, it can be very painful, it can bring up stuff we hadn’t even realised we were suppressing & therefore holding us back….though the result helps us to grow & flourish in brighter ways than before…& most importantly it makes us more of ourselves which is key to shine our gifts on the world.
  2. Running a marathon.
    • Yep.  Changed my life.  At school I was that girl who used to get picked last in PE.  It kinda hurt, but my belief in my ability was poor, so it’s no surprise that I performed badly.  Do you think I believed I could do anything sporty?  Nope, not at all.  I remember the sporty girls at school they were super fast & fit, I felt so far away from that.  Thinking back & applying what I know now is that our thoughts have a direct impact on our results… so because I lacked belief in myself that directly impacted my performance.  So to go from that experience at school, to then hating running for more than 20 minutes & to then run a marathon & be training to run another in April is pretty life changing.  Running a marathon is not about sporting ability…it’s a mindset game.  I have said this before, a marathon is not about physical strength, it is mental strength.  The obstacles you have to overcome are all in your mind, it’s about that power that is required to maintain momentum & push through.  The biggest thing I have learnt here is the power of a decision, deciding to commit to a big hairy goal, & breaking that down into achievable small steps to achieve it.  You can apply this learning to most things in life, when something feels too big to tackle in one hit (which is most things!!), break it down, what daily actions can you do to move closer to that goal?
  3. Hypnotherapy.
    • I’m a big fan of hypnotherapy, I’ve been having weekly sessions since January with the fabulous Maddy Boardman, I have absolutely loved it & the results I’ve had have impacted many areas of my life.  It is solution focused hypnotherapy, very positive focus, helping reset your mind, incredibly relaxing & with all that tapping into your subconscious mind.  For me it’s been another way of strengthening my mindset & to help gain control in my life.   One of the things Maddy talked to me about is “filling your bucket” which essentially is a reflection of how you are feeling…ideally we don’t want to fill our buckets, but stuff happens & it starts to fill.  When our bucket get full, we find it more difficult to maintain control & stay in our intelligent brain, & therefore make decisions in a rational way.   Ensuring our bucket doesn’t get full is key, but if for some reason it does because we have lots of stress or challenges to deal with, then using tools & techniques to empty our bucket is essential to stay in our intelligent brain.  It has been a really powerful tool & I definitely feel it has elevated my consciousness to new levels.
  4. Meditation.
    • Insight timer is my all time new favourite app, absolutely love it, it’s a mediation app that is free & you can listen to pre recorded guided mediations or choose to have different sounds whilst you meditate.  I have been practicing meditation on a daily basis for about 7 months now & am seeing huge benefits.  It has definitely been life changing for me (and also my family!). I’m much calmer & can deal with difficult situations in a much more controlled way which I’m so grateful for.  Before that I’d meditated on & off but not consistently on a daily basis, I used to mostly attend meditation groups.  Grateful for the introduction of this great technique from Amber at Dandelion for introducing meditation in her yoga classes all those years ago, as well as attending some great sessions with Lynne Pomeroy & Carol Dodson too.  Thanks ladies…forever grateful 🙂
  5. Self care.
    • Last but certainly not least, in the last couple of years I have unapologetically taken care of myself & put myself first.  (this ties into emptying the bucket btw).  Taking time out to look after ourselves is the most unselfish thing we can do.  What does that look like?   Saying No can often be a big player here.  That may mean asking your husband to take the kids out while you rest, treating yourself to a manicure, a cup of coffee on your own in a cafe, having a bath in the middle of the day or ignoring the messy house!  It doesn’t matter what it is it’s just about prioritising your wellbeing over everyone else.  Often as a Mum we think the kids needs come first (if you have a screaming baby who is hungry then YES), however most often we need to prioritise taking care of ourselves first, we cannot perform at our best & care for everyone else if we’re feeling exhausted, overwhelmed or with a full bucket.  For me, quite often I need to say No to the kids, this is coming up more & more with my 14 year old (who has a busy social life), sometimes picking them up just won’t work because adding another thing into the day will create too much stress on me… so No it is & they have to miss out.  Sounds a tough approach, though one thing I have learnt with kids is that we need to be clear with our boundaries…I haven’t nailed this yet but gaining increasing awareness.  So put your feet, relax, treat yourself, say No & remember it’s vital….do not feel bad about it.

There you have it 5 things that have changed my life, you may have noticed they are all interlinked, very much around mindset, motivation & clarity.  The key to self improvement in my eyes.  I really do feel like a different person having been on this journey of self discovery over the last 10 years.  What’s missing on this page is your life changing things…  I’d love to hear.

What are the things in your life that have been life changing?

And finally if life feels overwhelming right now, do get in touch, happy to have a chat to see if I can help or recommend a potential person to help, message me [email protected]

I’m off to grab some time in the snow…

Until next time (lets hope it’s not as long ;)…

Claire x