Each & every single one of us has the answers we need.  They are inside us.

Do you give yourself the opportunity to hear the answers?  Would you agree sometimes it’s just hard to see the way forward?  Or even allow time & space to hear what is right?  Because life is busy, right?  If we are constantly rushing from one thing to the next when do you think there is time & space to hear the answers to our problems?  There simply isn’t, we are too busy rushing to allow time to pause, for our minds to get quiet & listen in…maybe you hear a little voice suppress it as you don’t have time to consider the information or act on it?  Is that you?

Well here’s the thing, we all need to find a way of tuning into these magical messages, they are there to guide us in the right direction.

Having confidence in them instead of doubting them is essential, these little messages are our sat nav for the life we need to lead, I find they can spring from nowhere…yep you know the ones, that just pop into our minds when we’re not expecting it, (for me it’s driving, running or when I’m about to go to sleep), they are the most powerful messages we could ever listen to, they are our intuition, our gut instinct.  I hear all to often people pushing these messages away, ignoring them, finding an excuse as to why they can’t act on them or maybe don’t have the inner confidence to actually action them.  And that’s why having someone impartial, & emotionally detached from your life, almost like an outsider peeking into your life can be highly impactful & beneficial.  I also create space to listen more deeply which has helped guide me & help me grow in so many ways.

I’ve been working with a client who is very good at acting on her instincts, when given head space, asked the right questions, her “work” (by that I mean personal development) became more & more about how we can delve deeper to explore these truths.  By creating healthy habits alongside this “work” we can became really conscious to what path is right for us, & this was true for my client.

Something I see frequently is that most people will trust other people’s opinions rather than listening to their inner guide & gut instinct. We are all so influenced by external viewpoints.  Listen to those little whispers you hear, it means  you will never have to listen to it scream.  I myself ignored the little whispers a while back, I was ignoring it because I just didn’t want to go there, it felt uncomfortable.   Because of this being something I didn’t really want to address, I kept suppressing it, until it literally walloped me over the head, this is what I call screaming!  Listen to the small messages & signs, trust me it’s much less painful.

Often these subtle messages feel like they may create a big change & that can feel uncomfortable right?  Wouldn’t you agree that some of the biggest successes & greatest achievements in life can be hugely uncomfortable too.  I really enjoy speaking, however every time it makes me feel super uncomfortable beforehand…but the result is too great to not do it (if that makes sense?!).

Having space, time, & being asked the right questions can help to reinforce those messages, helping us solve our problems, find the right path & move forward.  So having someone who has your back, breathes belief into you, so you can act on those whispers is a smart move.  It’s why I’ve always had someone to coach me.

On that note I want to share with you a wonderful testimonial that I received from the client I mentioned above.

“I had been very sceptical of coaching in the past, but that was when I was employed & I didn’t really understand the whole concept. Fast forward a few years, I’m a stay-at home, feeling a bit lost, with no real direction, although very much wanting one, & struggling to find myself in the chaos of life. I knew something had to change.”

“Meeting Claire & making the conscious decision to have regular 1 to 1 coaching meetings I have to say has been one of the best decisions ever.  I instantly felt a connection with Claire, making the whole process that much easier and enjoyable. Claire is naturally gifted at bringing the best version of you to the fore. Working on mind-set, self-confidence, setting intentions, & goal-setting, it was everything I needed to help me discover my true self.”

“Claire encouraged me to journal about many of the issues we discussed, & from this I discovered the joy of writing again. So much so that I now blog regularly & have created a business writing for other small business owners.”

“I approached Claire for coaching initially to help me to discover me again, but I can wholeheartedly say the process & the experience has meant & created so much more.   I am living every day being truly me, I have discovered my true strengths, & respond to life with a more positive outlook now. I am excited for the future, & grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Claire.”

Ahh this makes me smile so much, it was such a joy working with Charlotte & being on the journey with her.  Oh & btw you will want to check out her blog, she’s an incredibly talented blogger & creative, her business is called Being Truly Me.

I encourage you to listen in & find the answers to your problems.  And if that’s not easy, find someone who can help you extract those answers…I’m here if you want to explore what that looks like, just message me at [email protected] 🙂

Keep shining,

Claire x