Do you ever feel like you are aiming for something & it feels like you still have a long way to go?  I only time it’s good to look back is to see how far you have come. You may not be exactly where you want to be but you are not where you used to be either.  Do you ever feel like day to day nothing changes, however if you look back at how far you’ve come everything looks different?

Training for a marathon is a great example of when it helps to look at how far you have come.  It’s a challenge fitting all the miles in, & gets really tiring towards the end (or it does for me anyway!), & then the long runs feel slow & more of an effort.  Training for the Brighton marathon recently I remember feeling pretty good until I got to the 20 & 21 miler…  Though at this point the end is in sight so focusing the mind on the actual race really helped here.

Thinking about business & life, challenges & curve balls come along all the time which can feel frustrating at times & often we are never sure how we will get through them, agree?  As human beings we love to solve problems, in fact we thrive when we have a problem to solve, so they will keep coming!  And what’s great is it helps us grow & flourish.

I’ve had an interesting past year, where my husband & I (along with some support) have been home schooling our son Franco.  This started out as feeling like the most mammoth challenge for many reasons (not just the home schooling), however it’s really fascinating how things have worked out.  And looking back we have come so far & achieved so much in a short space of time.  Interestingly, the time he has had at home has really helped him in so many ways, he’s changed dramatically, he’s much more compliant, more open, engages better with people, more confident & has been exposed to learning things he would never have learnt at school!  Having him at home has also had an enormous effect on our relationship too, it’s fascinating how things work out & how clearly there were bigger & better reasons why we have been through this process, there are lessons in every experience, be grateful for those.

If you’ve had a tough time, take a moment to pause, look for the lesson, but acknowledge how far you have come, I have doubt you will them see the situation differently with fresh eyes.

Best wishes,

Claire x