It’s been a while since I shared my thoughts in a blog, I’ve been drawn to doing more videos in the past few months however today expressing myself here in a blog feels right.

How has 2019 started for you all?  I hope it’s started with a bang!  Have you set your goals?  What would you like 2019 to look like?  This is the time to get really clear if you are not already.

I thought I’d take this opportunity to reflect on 2018 & share some key insights.

2018 was a year of so much change for us as a family.  We sold our family home in Ramsbury, bought a 1950’s bungalow in Marlborough, my husband left the Advertising world in London after 25+ years & we transitioned our son, Franco from homeschooling back into a new Senior school.  All of these things were pretty big changes to our lives; most people would probably only tackle one of those in a year.

What’s fascinating to me is how things in life can suddenly happen in quick succession, though this does of course take work to create, & we have that ability to create.

I’ll be honest there were times last year, particularly at the start of the year when I really wasn’t sure of the way through to achieve everything & there were moments of not being about to see the light at all.  I was so emotional & spent a huge amount of time crying, more than I ever have in one year!

Here’s the thing though, everything that happened in 2018 we manifested.  We’d been wanting to move for two years, though the right place hadn’t come up, we thought it had many times & the universe didn’t align so I know now they were all wrong.  When we actually agreed our sale we had nowhere to go, we just believed & spent oodles of time meditating & visualising what we wanted.  In fact we were so trusting of the universe that we just kept moving forward with the sale, (keeping up our sleeves that we could always rent if need be – despite nothing being available!), we went on our family holiday & interestingly while we were there our home showed up…we wanted a project as everything we’d seen was not quite right, we knew to create our own home would be the best route forward.  However plots don’t come up in Marlborough very often, we started to think about this in different way.  Sometimes when you focus on one option you can often miss another route or opportunity right in front of your nose – we started looking more laterally in particular at 3 bedroom bungalows…sure enough one showed up, on a great plot, lovely street & with amazing views.  We booked an appointment for our return from holiday, it felt right, we knew we had to go for it.  It was a sealed bid affair & many others went for it too.  Anyway cut a long story short we got it!

The catalyst to change & to achieve any goal is to take actions towards that goal.  We did just that.  We were so keen to move & decided to invest to speed up the sale.  The investment was in hiring a Feng Shui consultant to blitz the house & advise us on making some changes to get the energy flowing!  She was great, my sister Katie recommended her & had experienced great results from using her herself in her home & business, & we needed some luck for the house.  The majority of the changes were subtle apart from her advising that we pack up the house & most radical of all was to paint the front door bright yellow (we were the talk of the street!).  It felt positive & just taking this action helped to feel like we were moving forward.  It was only a few months after that one of our original buyers came back & were ready.  Yes!  The universe had finally aligned & we were able to move on with our dream.  This was such a relief & so freeing (despite not having anywhere to go!).

You may remember back in September 2017, my son was working through some difficulties at school (this had showed up before though I was struggling to know what to do, so was basically suppressing it & hoping it might go away – hmmm these things do not, they just get louder & louder) & he desperately needed some emotional support, unfortunately his current school could not help him.  So we chose to homeschool him.  Homeschooling is a huge commitment for any family & to this day I truly believe it was the best thing for him.  He needed time with us, to regroup, recharge, be loved on, boost his confidence, get out of his head, feel safe & take his time (rather than experience the unnecessary demands & pressures of the state school system – don’t get me started on this one!).   I kept my head pretty low last year, just managing my way through each situation, I had to really prioritise my time became absolutely essential, I didn’t see many friends & marketing my coaching was a challenge on my time, I just needed to lean in & prioritise what was important then.  (I knew my business was still going to be there for me & I could continue to serve my current clients).  What was interesting is to see how other people react, people love to observe something when it’s not the norm eh?!

In this situation I needed to know we would get through it, my personal development & keeping my mindset in a positive state was absolutely key (I will admit it was not always easy!!), I had two other children to take care of too.  I also chose to run a marathon to raise money for MIND, I realised I needed something for me, something really positive to focus on that I had control of (if that makes sense?) & to support a charity that meant somthing to me at this time.

What was wonderful were the surprises, this came predominantly from people who I didn’t know very well…the ones that reached out with kind gestures, the ones who really got it, in fact some were inspired by what we were doing, I’ll never forget that & will always how they made me feel.

And finally the last big piece that we manifested.  My husband had been keen to leave the London Advertising world for a while, feeling tired by the commute & the politics….we had been thinking about what would be the best scenario here & basically we manifested his exit.  This ended up as a voluntary redundancy package, allowing him to take the last 6 months off, hang out with the kids, enjoy the summer, create more time & most importantly head space to explore & create what he really would love to do.  It’s been an incredibly empowering & wonderful transformation to see.  There’s been a huge shift in his overall wellbeing, energy & mindset.  And he has felt free (well deserved after 25+ in one industry!  We’ve loved having him around more & he’s been a huge support to me, it’s really allowed me to focus some additional time on my business, catch up with friends & have more “me time” too.

What’s really interesting is that each event has its commonalities which I wanted to share with you all & to highlight that whatever you may be going through, there is always light at the end.  To get through our year of change we needed:

  1.  A vision, a clear plan of where we were going, what we wanted it to look like & feel like.
  2. Trust – we needed to trust the unseen & the process.  Trusting that things would be the way we wished soon.  Daily meditation practice helped here.
  3. To take a leap of faith – with all 3 experiences we needed to take aleap, they were all risks though we felt compelled to go for it.
  4. To understand the power of manifestation.  We all manifest things into our lives all of the time.  And we can really maximise on this tool.  Understanding that our thoughts directly impact our results was key in creating what we wanted our year to look like.
  5. To let go of getting bogged down in the logistics.  Logistics will always work out.  Go with what you want to achieve & the logistics will fall into place.
  6. Be courageous & open to possibilities.  Go for the road less travelled.  Buck the trend & go off piste.
  7.  Follow your hearts desire.  Yes!!  Maybe you’ve always had a dream to do something in particular, live your life now & do it.
  8. Widen your focus.  Take off the narrow lens & see what else is around.  When one door closes another opens.  We have found this so true.  The opportunities that have opened up recently have been hugely positive & helped us to explore another route & way through. (e.g we are now self building rather than adding a floor to the bungalow).

So there you have it, my 8 tips to embrace 2019 with.  I so appreciate you reading this far.  Thank you.  All that is missing now is your voice, please do share your comments & how 2019 is going so far.

Have a beautiful week,

Claire x