When you read this title what do you immediately think? Are you that person that is always busy? Do you work long hours & rarely take a break? Do you put everyone else’s needs first running around like superwoman? Are your to do lists huge & often unachievable? Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount you have to do? Do you feel like you are constantly rushing & don’t have time to catch your breathe?

Why is it in this society “being busy” is viewed as a good thing? As if it’s some kind of status symbol? And a mark of success…?

I have personally been consciously working on being less busy over the last 6 months, slowing down where I can & not over scheduling my diary (a challenge I’ve been battling with for many years). So far so good, it’s going well. I’m taking more time out to “do nothing”, relax, read & lie down whenever possible. Consciously spending more time at home, lovely walks, meditating, being more present with the kids & pursuing one of my passions, cooking…which all are giving me much more joy.

I’m curious, what do you gain from being busy? How does it make you feel? Is there a sense of achievement? Or do you hit exhaustion? In my experience it creates major exhaustion, stress & often can lead to burn out. It is unsustainable. If we get to the stage of hitting burn out we become useless to everyone around us as well as being able to serve our clients & make the impact we desire in the world.

I see women in particular run around like superwoman for years on end, it’s engrained & a habit. Here’s the thing though if we carry on like this we’ll get sick. How can we create more harmony & less “busyness”?

Here’s 3 tips to stop the cycle of busy:

  1. Learn to say No. One word, “NO”, use it! Decide what you want to say Yes to & then everything else is a No…I so know it’s not that simple but let me be clear when we say Yes to everything it’s actually fear talking. Fear of upsetting someone, fear that the opportunity may not come up again or that we think we “should” do something. I’ve learnt recently that No is a sentence, we actually don’t have to justify why we choose No…we just think we do, or the people pleaser in us is trying to keep everyone happy. Who do you really hurt in the process?
  2. Make time for the things that are most important to you. What is important to you in your life? Where can you make the biggest contribution with your work? We need to work this out first. What lights you up? What do you love to do so much you lose track of time doing it? I’m sure you know what this is…when was the last time you enjoyed doing it? I encourage you to create time in your diary to prioritise this & ensure there is space for these activities that will make the biggest impact to your life of fulfilment.
  3. Schedule space. This has been so good for me lately. I will strategically schedule space & solitude as often as possible to ensure I’m recharging. What also happens in this process is the ability to hear my intuition clearly & allow ideas to come through. If this feels like a big step, you can make it as simple as taking a 5 minute break & sitting quietly. Creating headspace to do nothing is so beneficial for us & allows time for (in my opinion) our best ideas to come through & the ability to make informed decisions that are truly aligned.

We can achieve so much more by slowing down & working smarter. It is so much more productive. If we allow our minds to get involved we “think” it doesn’t make sense, but time & time again I see such great results by working less to achieve more. The answers are inside all of us, however if we are too busy rushing we cannot hear what the right path is.

What one thing could you do today to embrace being less busy?

It starts by taking that first step.

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To your success,

Claire x