I am an expert in leading small intimate group retreats and 1-1 retreats.  I hosted 10 from 2021-2023.

On a retreat with me I will coach you to:

  • Get clear on exactly what you want.
  • Hold space for you to release the patterns and BS stories in the way of attracting what you want.
  • Support you in healing the childhood wounds that are running the show and sabotaging you.
  • Teach and coach you how to embody all of your energy so you can confidently attract what you know you deserve.
  • Coach you to embody unshakable trust and own your power fully.

I coach intuitively, in the moment, and therefore what you bring is your choice entirely.  I always make it clear to my clients that this is their retreat, their space to express or voice whatever they desire.  Being witnessed can release any shame that is obstructing you create.

As with all my coaching, I will intuitively know the exact questions to ask you to heal, evolve and empower the f*ck out of you.

And as well as doing some powerful deep coaching we will have a lot of fun and you will be treated like a King or Queen.

Dependent on location of retreat, there may be opportunities to get dressed up for dinner, swim in the ocean, enjoy some exquisite healthy cuisine, sit around a fire and dance like no one is watching… there are no rules with my retreats… I’ll create a loose schedule but we will be guided by your needs in the moment.

Sharing below some words from previous attendees.

The Wild Woman Retreat woke me up to a whole new level of who I am called here to be! Claire holds an incredible space for each woman to truly step into her truth, and own her magnificence. The combination of powerful conversation and connections, and deep, intuitively-led exercises throughout the retreat were beautifully balanced with plenty of time and space to reflect and absorb (a rare thing in the busy world we so often occupy!). The food, the setting, the company – everything about this retreat was incredibly designed. I cannot recommend the retreat highly enough! If you are thinking about it, and there is a little voice inside whispering this is the next step… reach out to Claire now to book your place. Your whole life will thank you!” – Kate Kenney, Coach.

“YOU have woken me up. You helped me see the world with new eyes” – Jen Albano, Coach.

I have NO FEAR” – Aniela Zylinski, Entrepreneur / Coach.

“I am going home a new woman” – Rachel Jensen, Coach.

What previous women have experienced by attending retreats with me:

HUGE visions revealed.  Fresh perspectives gained.  Absolute crystal clear clarity.  Deep soul alignment.  Superpowers and spiritual gifts revealed.  Stepping FULLY into who they are.  Embodying magnetic QUEEN energy.  Powerful HUGE leaps towards a new way of being.  Letting go of the BS stories.  Aligned action taking around boundaries.  New soul sister connections and partnerships created.

Drop me a DM now on Facebook here!  Lets get you stepping into dating with a fresh, embodied, delicious, alive and magnetic energy so you attract exactly what you want.THE Wild Woman retreat