Women often tell me they struggle with:

  • Low self confidence.Claire Dore
  • Feeling like they’ve lost their mojo.
  • Spending their life rushing from one thing to another. 
  • Overdelivering in their business.
  • Feeling frustrated about their results.
  • A nagging anxiety or unsettled feeling.
  • Feeling like they are not present with the people they love most.
  • Have constant battles with their health.
  • A really annoying inner voice that never shuts up.
  • A lack of passion in their relationship.
  • And frankly just feel exhausted and low on energy.

If this is you, then you know, in your heart,

you were meant for more.

Good news.  You are NOT stuck.  I’m so glad you are here.

Here’s what’s possible for you when we work together.

  • Feeling more like you again.
  • Harmony in your life & you can truly enjoy it again.
  • An elevated confidence.
  • Enjoying the thrill of stepping outside your comfort zone.
  • Powerfully showing up as YOU.
  • Fulfilled in your work.
  • Owning your value.
  • Adopted a working smarter approach.
  • Loving yourself more & actually creating space in your diary just for you.
  • Attracting your ideal client & elevated income.
  • Enjoying hot dates on the town.
  • Deeper connection to your heart & soul.
  • Feeling alive.

Here is how we will get there…. 

You are unique.  Your needs are too.  Therefore you deserve coaching tailored to you.  That is exactly what we will do.  I would love to get to know you better & learn more about what inspires you & what your heart is calling for you to do.

Together, we’ll focus on these 5 areas:

  • How to gain clarity.

  • Unlearning & letting go of your limiting beliefs.

  • Mastering your mindset

  • Understanding how to manifest what you desire.

  • How to love yourself fully.

Sound juicy?  Want to know more? 

Book here to set up a no obligation complimentary clarity call.

I’d love to help you uncover what might be in the way of you truly being the Powerhouse you see yourself as.