Wanna know what’s it feels like to work with me…let my previous clients tell you 😉

“To have worked with Claire has been one of life’s deep blessings and an opportunity cocreated with compassion, clarity and generosity. I knew instinctively that something transformative would unfold and it did. Geralyn MulqueenIn the weeks and months leading up to making contact with Claire I had for a variety of reasons lost my self-confidence and forgotten much of my strength and abilities.
From the very first scheduled Zoom meeting, a pathway to reach me with gentle wisdom patience and care was opened skilfully by Claire.  I felt immediately understood and trusted that the work plan to follow was to fundamentally change my life, my outlook, my business. It has done over the course of the last three months.  Albeit deeply challenging and uncomfortable with not a few tears and feelings of ‘I cant’…with Claire’s inimitable skill, I began to alter my relationship with life and reconnect with myself and ultimately focus again on what I love to do.  Working with Claire as your Coach and Mentor  will most definitely change your path…period.” 🦋 Geralyn Mulqueen, Artist, Psychotherapist & previously a barrister. Founder of Art for the senses.

“Working with Claire really helped me in gaining strong confidence in myself and to clearly recognise blockages, which I had actually created by Irene Barmyself. She helped me to clearly see my truth and how it manifested itself in the outside world. Little things which I would have overlooked were pointed out in the most loving way by Claire to help me see all the many successful steps I had taken during our work together. Claire is highly empathic and has other very advanced gifts as well which helped me to see clearly my next steps. Things started to fall in place in the most wonderful way. It was very joyful, fun and I made huge progresses in recognising self created obstacles. I can highly recommend working with Claire – she reveals the very best within you.” Irene Bar, female entrepreneur / coach.

“Part way through lockdown I attended one of Claire’s online sessions on ‘manifesting what you want in your business’.  It highlighted to me that I needed a boost both personally and professionally, so I made the investment in 1-1 coaching with Claire.  Karen FerrisMy goals included entrepreneurial mindset, sales strategy and developing my confidence in sales and marketing.  Not only do I feel a shift in performance in these areas, Claire’s expertise and intuition also provided me with excellent support and guidance on a couple of more personal issues I experienced during our 12 week programme.  I cannot thank Claire enough for her support and I would highly recommend working with her – she really does deliver value and you are worth it!” Karen Ferris, HR Consultant.

“When I started my grief coaching work, I was able to share the massive change that had happened in my life and Claire encouraged me to really start to talk more about my wins and own my growth.

This year life changed again, and as I had been learning, and resonating, so much from Claire’s business presence online, I took the opportunity of having a call with her…it changed my perspective again and I started to thrive in a way I never envisaged was possible.

Debi RichensThen, I was feeling unsure of how I was showing up, who was I to call myself a coach? and various other little things that in a package together were very firmly sowing seeds of doubt. Claire’s insight, the way she creates clarity, and her encouragement to be who you are in an honest and congruent way, never fails to make you feel as if you are her number one client, rather than part of a select group.  Claire is compassionate, ultra-honest, and shares guidance and intuition that is completely on point.

I have so much gratitude for being seen, heard, encouraged, and celebrated.  This nurturing has given me enormous confidence to step outside the box of my life, to expand and explore how far my knowledge and experience will take me.  I cannot thank Claire enough for igniting that spark in me and encouraging me to spread my wings and fly even further than I thought I was capable.  You are a super awesome coach Claire and I look forward to working with you again.”  Debi Richens – Grief Recovery Specialist

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